Butterscotch, the vocal percussionist virtuosa, uses her powerful voice to defy gender and music social constructs. She began her career in the underground male-dominated beatbox battle scene, where she was crowned the world’s first female beatbox champion. Soon thereafter, a breakthrough performance on America’s Got Talent lead her to place third on the hit TV show. The exposure on national TV gained her thousands of fans and kickstarted a prolific career.

Butterscotch blends Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul and Reggae and her shows are emotionally and physically invigorating with her trifecta fusion of singing, beatboxing, and playing either piano or guitar simultaneously, or creating endless layers on her loop station. With a voice reminiscent of Billie Holiday and rap verses comparable to Lauryn Hill, Butterscotch courageously sings about her love life, depression, and daily struggles of being a biracial queer woman of color. Her philanthropic mission is to empower and elevate people through music and compassion.

She has toured the world and has performed at the most prestigious jazz festivals in Europe such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Baloise Session, Leverkusener Jazztage, Ingolsadter Jazztage, as well as in Asia at the Hong Kong Jazz Festival, Jarasum Festival in Korea, and Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia. Butterscotch has opened for Marshmello, Russ, Erykah Badu, Earth, Wind & Fire, Thievery Corporation, Sergio Mendes, Wyclef Jean and other musical legends. She also has been featured on WIRED, TED Talks, Forbes 30u30 and collaborates with Google, Microsoft, Gatorade and other companies for corporate events.

When she is not touring the world, she gives back to the community and continues to live her dream of touching the world with her music. She enjoys teaching beatbox workshops at various colleges, high schools and elementary schools. As a prison reformer advocate, one of her favorite experiences has been performing for those incarcerated in San Quentin Prison through The Last Mile accelerator program.

Butterscotch has a full length compilation album entitled “The Scotch Tapes. Her last single “We Are All We Got,” was in collaboration with Grammy Award Winning Producers Neff-U and Mischke Butler. Her newest release “Scotch,” is a testament to her growth as an artist and human.