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Can’t you see
The purple lights
The purple lights
Across the sky
Shining just for you and I
Those purple lights, purple lights
What’s out there
What’s out there
Do you know
Do you know why you came to me
Once upon a moon
I don’t know anything
But I know that I like you
I know that I like you
I know that I like you
What we can’t control
Just let it all go
And trust in the sky
Those purple lights
Purple lights across the sky
Shining just for you and I
Purple lights, purple lights
Go on
Mmm yeah yeah
I take a look out my window
See the trees
Feel the ocean
Feel the breeze
See the city lights, I know
I just gotta let it flow
Everything come into my words
Into my mouth
Into my brain
I know I am insane
But it doesn’t matter cause I’m
Feeling so good
I’m feeling so good
I got a good neighborhood
I like the streets
I like the beach
I like everything inside of me
I look to the sky
I see the stars
I feel the energy of Jupiter and Mars
I look to the sky and know who I am
I feel like I finally give a damn
I finally know who I am
I’m building a world of
Galaxies of swirls
Purple lights across the sky
Shining bright for you and I


Release Date is July 30, 2020

“Purple Lights”
Music and Lyrics by Antoinette Clinton

Purple Lights came to me purely as a lyrical freestyle. I had just returned from a transformational adventure in Bali and I was settling into a new life and a new home. I was in a euphoric state filled with love and gratitude, as I looked outside my window, and sang to the moonlit night sky. That one take was all I needed. I built the rest of the song around the vocal and piano and transformed it into a hypnotic sonic journey.